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Pregnancy acupuncture

Many conditions routinely occurring during pregnancy can benefit from a natural solution. Acupuncture is an ideal safe and drug free treatment which may help with a wide range of symptoms that can arise during pregnancy.


Headaches and Migraines

Lower Back pain

Morning Sickness

Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia




Breech presentation

Pelvic Pain

I saw Gemma when pregnant to help shake a persistent spell of illness when I wanted to avoid taking too many drugs and again when I was overdue and anxious about my forthcoming birth experience. I believe Gemma made a real difference on both occasions. Her calm, friendly, informed approach was appreciated and I felt relaxed yet energised after treatments.
Lotte, Bristol

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Pre-birth acupuncture

Weekly pre-birth acupuncture is recommended from 36 weeks onwards during the final stages of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.

A clinical study in New Zealand (Betts and Lenox 2006) Showed pre-birth acupuncture led to a 35% reduction in medical inductions, a 31% reduction in epidurals and a 9% increase in vaginal births.

Benefits of pre-birth acupuncture may include:

• Reduced labour length

• Reduction in need for medical intervention (induction, c-section, epidural)

• Boost energy and aid relaxation in preparation for birth

• Calm the mind of any unwanted anxieties

• Nourish the blood to soften ligaments and tendons

• Aid in cervical dilation

• Induction treatment if needed to encourage a post date pregnancy to move forward

• Helping to turn a breech baby

I felt relaxed and at ease in her company and I’m sure the treatment helped me have a safe and natural birth. I had a session with Gemma the day before my baby was due and that evening contractions started and the following day I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I would recommend Gemma to anyone, she is an amazing acupuncturist.
Hannah, Bristol

Gemma is fantastic, I went to her when I was 9 days over due and after two sessions my baby had turned from posterior position and arrived 11 days over due (avoiding induction!) She is very professional, pleasant and calming. Can’t recommend enough!
Belinda, Bristol

Induction of labour

Acupuncture can help encourage women go into labour spontaneously when they are overdue.Studies have shown that women who are overdue and treated with acupuncture as less likely to need medical induction. (Rabi,2001)

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